Do I Need a License to Sell Hair Extensions?

Do I Need a License to Sell Hair Extensions?

Hair salons are expanding your business and you should be fine and not need anything else. Suppliers primarily need to know you can start your own hair weave business licensed in order to sell products to you.

However, keep in mind, that wig and hair suppliers want to know that you are going to be selling their products successfully through a shop that caters to their clientele. If you are licensed as a hardware store they ignore you or may not want to sell to you for reasons that are fairly obvious.

Step 1

You can get a business license to start selling hair your own name or you can get one under a company name. The easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to get a license is under your own name.

Step 2

Apply for a fictitious name statement. You can get and fill out the appropriate forms at your Country Registrar’s office. You will receive a DBA (doing business as) statement in the mail once your application has been finalized.

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Step 3

Open a checking and savings account in your business name. You may choose to use the same bank where you currently have personal accounts to save time if you are working alone. Most bank policies require businesses opening accounts to present their DBA.

Step 4

Find a physical location for your wig business license to sell hair extensions. These services are generally provided for free to business looking to rent or purchase commercial retail space.

Step 5

You will need to know which business license or licenses you need in order to start your business. You may contact your local City Hall, but that alone will not help you determine your licensing requirements on the county and state levels, and vice versa. Where you can go and get all your licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

Step 6

Get your resale license from the State Board of Equalization so that you may purchases wigs and accessories from wholesalers and manufacturers and sell them for profit to customers. You will need to provide your resale license to vendors on a regular basis.

Step 7

Learn to fit a wig and even customize it for your clients if you do not already know-how.  While some cosmetology schools offer courses, most people choose to learn through practice.

Step 8

Find wholesalers in your area or that will ship products and supplies to you. While ordering online may be cheaper, you need to factor in shipping costs before ordering.