Blog Audit


Blog Audit

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What is a Blog Audit?

A blog audit is a customized check-up on your blog along with personalized tips and tricks for how to improve. 

How Does it work?

The blog audit is designed to be customizable to your blog and your needs. It starts with a questionnaire so I can get to know more about you and your blog.  In our 45-minute call I'll cover all aspects of the audit from things you're doing well to suggestions for improvement. This is meant to be conversational, and you can ask any questions you might have to make it most effective for you. In general, we'll cover design, content, traffic, SEO, social engagement, and audience.  It's a one-time consultation to help you identify your strengths, pinpoint places for improvement, and discuss pain points.  

Step one: Purchase the blog audit and complete the blog audit survey.

Step Two: You'll receive a confirmation email from me within 36 hours with information on setting up our Skype call.

Step Three: I'll spend about a week reviewing your blog, content, design, analytics, social media, and more.

Step Four: We'll connect for a 45-minute one-on-one Skype call. I'll share the things you're doing really well, make suggestions for areas of improvement, and give you ideas that I think would improve aspects of your blog. You can ask me any questions you have relating to your blog. 

Who is a Blog Audit for?

A Blog Audit is perfect for anyone who has a blog that is at least 2 months old. You need to have some content on your site for me to use to come up with suggestions that are best for you, and give us something to chat about for your goals.

What do I get with a Blog Audit?

  • 45-minute Skype call
  • Printable audit covering all the things we discuss in the call including tips, suggestions, and resources to check out.