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5 Secrets to Working with Brands

Today I'm super pumped to have Erica, creator of the course BossPitch, here today for an interview. I hopped on a call with Erica recently and she dished all about how to work with brands as a blogger so that you are in control. Make more money, work with who YOU want to, and get on the fast track to being a full time, monetized blog.

Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Blogger

Diversifying your income as a blogger is very important. Not only does it allow you to make more money, but it also protects you from the unexpected. If you're making $800 a month in affiliate links and the affiliate company goes under or you're booted out for some reason, you will be up creek without a paddle.  

By creating multiple streams of income you can ensure your financial foundation as a blogger is safe and sound.