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SEO For Bloggers

You have probably heard about SEO.  You probably know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization and has to do with adding keywords to your website. But, do you truly understand how to use it in a way to grow sustainable, organic traffic to your blog?

Why You Should Consider Localizing Your Blog

Why would you want to position your blog as a local blog?  The benefits can include increasing your audience, getting fun and unique sponsored posts, connecting with other creators in your area and more. You can drastically decrease your competion and stand out!

9 Things You're Doing That Hurts Your Blog's SEO

Every day bots crawl websites and take what they find from the content, the keywords, the images, and so on, and decide WHAT that page/post/website is about. It then uses that info to display post and websites to someone searching for a specific keyword on the internet.

The algorithm for ranking high in Google and other SERPs is constantly changing, but there are many things you can do to improve your likelihood of showing up and gaining traffic this more >>