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5 Secrets to Working with Brands

Today I'm super pumped to have Erica, creator of the course BossPitch, here today for an interview. I hopped on a call with Erica recently and she dished all about how to work with brands as a blogger so that you are in control. Make more money, work with who YOU want to, and get on the fast track to being a full time, monetized blog.

5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Side Hustle (+ 18 Side Hustle Ideas that PAY!)

A side hustle can be a lot of things. It's typically a way to make some extra money. It's usually flexible enough that you can do it in your spare time.   Other times it's not about money and more about your true passion. It's about jumping into a love for woodworking, travel, photography, or so on.   Many time, a side hustle marries these two things. It's a way to pursue a passion and make some money!