Today I'm super pumped to have Erica, creator of the course BossPitch, here today for an interview. I hopped on a call with Erica recently and she dished all about how to work with brands as a blogger so that you are in control. Make more money, work with who YOU want to, and get on the fast track to being a full time, monetized blog.

Watch the interview here:

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5 Secrets to Working with Brands as a Blogger

1. Get Paid more

Fact: I make anywhere from 3-10x more money when I work directly with a brand as opposed to going through a network.  The truth of the matter is, anytime you cut out a middle man (in this case networks) you are going to make more money in your pocket. That's why learning how to pitch to brands, like from Erica's BossPitch course, is so key.

2. Finding brands to work with isn't rocket science

As Erica explains in this week's video, it's not that difficult to find brands to work with. "Look around and say what is something that is an active part of my everyday life that i could talk about?"

Over the next week or so, spend some time looking around your day-to-day life. What products and brands do you use and love? Could you write about them? And, there you have it, you're halfway there.

3.  Brands are just people

Erica busts one big myth people have about working with brands in today's video reminding us that "they are just people behind the brands." A marketing department somewhere hired someone to read and respond to emails. Don't feel intimidated to write to brands, pitch them your ideas, or as Erica teaches in BossPitch, politely persist. 

4. Before you commit - GET ALL THE FACTS

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an email saying, "Hey we'd love to work together with you on ABC and can pay XYZ dollars." This tells me NOTHING about what the brand expects from me. And, I've found it's often my job to communicate what content and deliverables they want from me, as many of them are still learning how to navigate working with influencers. I always respond telling them I'm excited to work together but need some more information. What kind of post are you looking for? Will I have creative freedom? If not, what are the limitations? Are you looking for social media shares? How many? Sometimes I feel like I'm nagging, but you can't agree to work and payments without knowing the facts, it's just not how normal business is done.

Setting out these guidelines not just confirms on your end what you need to provide to them, but gives the brand an idea of what they can expect from you. Get my 9 Questions to always ask brands before working together in this post.

5. Work with brands YOUR way

So often bloggers become accustomed to working with brands by the brand's rules. Rules set up by the brand's legal department with more rules added in by the associated PR company and then maybe one or two more rules added in from elsewhere.  By the end, the blogger has almost no control over the content. The reason blogs are so effective is because they are honest and believable. They are written by real people with real thoughts.

"We're bloggers but we're also consumers," as Erica explains in this week's video. We still love certain and consume products. If we're going to setup a campaign, we want to work with brands we love in a campaign that makes sense for our audience and voice. By pitching to brands you can learn how to work with the brands YOU want on the campaigns YOU want. BossPitch uses industry research, tried and true tactics, and dynamic strategies to build your relationships with brands, effectively pitch and persist, and double your rates for sponsored collaborations.

I have personally taken this course and can tell you it's a game-changer if you're serious about making money blogging. Just go ahead and read my testimonial right on the BossPitch page!

Post by: Kallie Branciforte

Kallie is the writer behind the lifestyle blog But First, Coffee, and the creator of the But First, Coffee YouTube channel. In 2016 she launched Caffeinate and Conquer. Read full bio...