Diversifying your income as a blogger is very important. Not only does it allow you to make more money, but it also protects you from the unexpected. If you're making $800 a month in affiliate links and the affiliate company goes under or you're booted out for some reason, you will be up creek without a paddle.  

By creating multiple streams of income you can ensure your financial foundation as a blogger is safe and sound.

Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Blogger

In today's post I'm going to cover some of the top ways bloggers diversify their income. To be successful, you want to consider finding ways to make some money from 2-3 of these revenue streams, if not all.

At the bottom I also listed out 30 ways you can make money blogging to get you started!


This refers mainly to the ads in the sidebar of your blog. In general, there are two types of ads:

  • The first is PPC, which is set up through AdWords, Carbon Ads, or another ad network. Every time someone clicks on that ad, the person who owns the ad pays. You receive a percentage based on clicks or impressions for hosting the ad on your site.
  • The second kind of ads is private ads. These are ads you set up with other bloggers, brands, or companies. They pay a monthly -or in some cases yearly - rate in exchange for advertising on your blog.

Typically private ads have a higher payout but require more work on your end. PPC ads run by themselves without any thought. 

Popular Ad Networks: AdWords, Carbon Ads, InfoLink, Adproval

Sponsored Posts

The second revenue source is Sponsored Posts. Sponsored posts work on a wide range of blogs and audience sizes. Typically they go through networks like Massive Sway or Social Fabric who do a lot of the legwork for you. These networks will set up campaigns, set prices, and act as your liaison between the brand.

However, you can also pitch your own sponsored posts to brands. This allows you to set your own guidelines and usually make a bigger profit since you're not paying a middle man.

If you're looking for more information about working with brands check out this article, "Tips for Working with Brands as a Blogger"


Affiliate companies pay you a percentage every time someone purchases their product through your link.

This can be done on all scales. Many small shops will ask you to join their affiliate network, but you can also do it through larger companies like Amazon. 

Which affiliates to join is dependent on you and your content. If you're into tech and internet media you may have affiliates through LeadPages, BlueHost, HostGator, and so on. If you're on the beauty and fashion side you might be an affiliate for some designers. 

You can also look for an affiliate company like RewardStyle or ShareASale which allows you to populate affiliate links from a multitude of companies from one platform.  

Education and Information Products

Currently, Education is the second largest industry in the U.S. with about $1.6 trillion spent annually in the U.S. alone. So, what can you teach that people want to learn?

Maybe you're really good at photography, have a great knack for nutrition, or are a twitter pro. Once you've identified something you can teach, you'll want to identify a way to dispense the knowledge.  Education and Information products can include:

  • E-course
  • E-book
  • Printables/PDFs
  • How-to videos
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Group consulting
  • Email course
  • Resource Library
  • Subscription service


Whether your product is an informational product or something else, using the audience of your blog to sell a product or products is a great option. Bloggers of all sizes and niches have found ways to make money selling all kinds of products. 

Start by thinking about your audience. What do they like? What are they willing to spend money on? What kinds of people are they? Use your knowledge and understanding of your audience to narrow down the best products. 

Products you can see include, but are not limited to:

  • All the products listed above in "education"
  • Graphics, icons, logos
  • Stock photography
  • Wordpress layouts
  • Apparel 
  • Handmade items
  • Books
  • Wall hangings

Freelance Work

If you've developed a really great skill through blogging (or had one already) considering offering that service out to others as a freelance option. If you're great at making graphics you could sell custom graphic design for other bloggers. If you can build WordPress themes you could customize and sell and/or install them. If you're great a scheduling and promoting posts, considering offering virtual assistant services to other busy bloggers who don't have the time do these tasks. 

There are websites out there that will help you find freelance clients, but in general you should consider using the audience you already have through your blog. These people already know and trust you and can see the quality of your work. 

30 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

There are a lot of ways to continue to diversify your income as a blogger. Start by looking at what you're good at. What skills can you offer? Then, leverage your audience to sell these services, products, or revenue streams.

1. Pay-per-click ads
2. Private Ads
3. Selling back links
4. E-course
5. Printable/organizer
6. Planner
7. E-Book
8. Apparel
9. Graphic design work
10. Blog themes
11. Branding and logos
12. Affiliate links
13. Sponsored posts
14. Sponsored social media shares
15. Being a Brand Ambassador

16. Email course
17. Audibook
18. Paid podcasts
19. Access to a recourse library
20. Subscription service/membership site
21. Virtual assistant services
22. Handmade items/artwork
23. Freelance writing
24 Sell stock photos
25 Editing/proofreading
26. Tutoring/teaching
27. Monetize YouTube videos
28. Guest speaking
29. Blog coaching/consulting
30. Blog setup/installation


Post by: Kallie Branciforte

Kallie is the writer behind the lifestyle blog But First, Coffee, and the creator of the But First, Coffee YouTube channel. In 2016 she launched Caffeinate and Conquer. Read full bio...