You probably know how important it is to be creating video content for your blog, brand, and business. But, if you're creating awesome videos on YouTube and no one is watching them, you may be feeling a little defeated.  There's nothing worse than spending a lot of time creating awesome video content and then not having anyone to watch it! This post is going to share how you can use YouTube to get more video views in 2017. 

5 Proven Strategies to Get More Views on YouTube

Get More YouTube Views

These five tips are ones I use on my main channel, But First, Coffee, as well as here on Caffeinate and Conquer. They are tried and true, and I know they work.

On top of my own experience and knowledge, I'm bringing you info straight from YouTube itself! A few months ago I spent a week with YouTube at YouTube Space NYC learning even more about what it takes to get views, and I've incorporated what I learned from them into this post. 

1. Create Awesome Thumbnails

If you make videos, you've probably been guilty of creating an awesome video and then coming up with a thumbnail as an afterthought. Unfortunately,  that's a backward way to do it. The thumbnail, along with a title, is the ONLY thing that is going to convince someone to even watch your video in the first place. Because of this, if your video is totally awesome but the thumbnail sucks, it becomes a waste of your time.

Every time I come up with a new idea for a video, the very next thing I do, before I even start planning the video, is decide on a good thumbnail. If there isn't a good thumbnail, there isn't a good video.

2. Write Optimized Description Boxes

The next tip is to optimize your description boxes. Description boxes are another thing that many people neglect. It's extremely important to remember that YouTube can not watch your video to figure out what it is about. It relies solely on your title and description box to understand what the video is about.

By taking the time to craft an optimized description box with relevant keywords that will tell YouTube what this video is about and what it offers, you're boosting your chances that this video will show up in searches and helping it get recommended next to related videos. Think about writing a blog post with good SEO, you want to do the same for your description box.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is a key factor for improving your views, especially your view velocity. View velocity is the number of views your video gets in the first day or two after is goes live. Consistency lets people know when you're posting. Once they know your schedule, it prompts them to log in on these days to watch your content. It also shows new viewers that you create fresh new content on a consistent basis.

Consistency is something I have yet to master on the Caffeinate and Conquer YouTube, but I have implemented it on my main channel at But First, Coffee, and have seen the benefits. My views in the first few hours of a video going live has increased and overall I am getting better watch time. 

4. Create Engaging Videos

There is no way to sugar coat it, if your video isn't somewhat engaging, animated, or contain some type of energy or rhythm, you'll likely lose viewers before they can get very far into the video. Engaging videos can look different for everyone, and it really depends on you, your personality, and the niche you're creating content in. The moral here is to be passionate about the topic you're creating videos on and be conscious of how you can make your content more engaging.

I typically look for places in every video that I fear it's losing momentum or becoming less engaging. Then, I seek to find a way to draw people back in and keep them on the video, enjoying it and watching more. Look for these spots in your own video and think about how to can add something to bring viewers back in.

5. Be Yourself!

The final tip is to be you. I can be tempting to try to recreate what someone else is doing who you think is "successful." But, at the end of the day what people hit the subscribe button for is YOU.  People watch videos for content but subscribe for the person creating it, and since subscribers watch 2x more content than non-subscribers, that's key.

If you're being true to yourself people will see and appreciate that and they'll connect with you in a more authentic way.

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Post by: Kallie Branciforte

Kallie is the writer behind the lifestyle blog But First, Coffee, and the creator of the But First, Coffee YouTube channel. In 2016 she launched Caffeinate and Conquer. Read full bio...