More than a billion people use Facebook daily which is a big old audience. It also means due to the sheer amount of people and the dreaded "algorithm,"  it's getting tougher and tougher to be successful.

In today's post we will talk about getting engagement on Facebook. Across pretty much every social media, we're seeing a big trend shift to the importance of AUTHENTIC engagement.  The algorithms are getting smarter and are able to detect real engagement.  They know the importance of this engagement and give higher priority to pages and people who can produce it.

In a sea of shallow-deep, skin-surface interactions on social media, the ability to create, produce, and replicate real engagement is what will help you stand out. 

Use Types of Posts that are More Likely to Have Engagement

You want to craft posts that make it easy for someone to engage with them. BuzzSumo analyzed 800 million posts in a recent study to find which had the most comments, likes, shares, and engagement.  They found that images, questions, and videos scored the best. They found a lot of interesting things like that the highest engagement happened on Sundays and that shorter posts of about 50 characters tended to be more engaging was well.

Like I mentioned in my intro, engagement effects reach.  Facebook (and other social medias), look at how engaged your audience is with your content. They use this info to decide if it's worth it to show it to more of your audience. 

1. Images: When scrolling through your newsfeed, an image can make someone slow down. It takes FRACTIONS of second less time to digest and understand and image than it does text. An image can grab someone's attention and slow them down, allowing them time to read the text provided with it.

2. Questions: Questions make is easy for people to engage and leave a comment. They don't need to think about a reply but instead can just answer the question. It's a call-to-action that makes engagement more likely.

3. Videos: This is the kind of content that is most likely to be shared. We'll talk a little bit more about video further down in this post.

Use Facebook Live:

One of the newer additions to Facebook is Facebook Live. This lets you live stream video to your audience in real time.  Using Facebook live will help you build rapport with your audience.  They can interact with you and you can ask them questions and vice versa.

Before you just jump out there and live stream, come up with a plan to make it successful.  Think about what will make it beneficial to you and your followers! What questions do you get asked a lot? Can you combine things into a small lesson or how to that relates to your blog/brand? Maybe gives a hands on tutorial or review of something.

And, importantly, don't forget to advertise that you'll be live! Set a date/time a few days in advance to build up hype to increase the views.

Work on Getting the Shares

Shares in Facebook are the golden ticket. They are essentially free publicity from your current viewership out to others who will likely enjoy your stuff.  When crafting your content on Facebook, think about if it's shareable?.

What makes something shareable? Well, that's a whole other post, but in general, think about providing something with one of the following criteria:

  • The post is funny and others will want to share with likeminded friends/family
  • The post is informative and provides social currency for the person sharing 
  • The post has shock factor of some sort
  • The post evokes emotion

Provide Value and Variety

It's easy to only pop onto Facebook and post to your page when you have something promote, but you don't want to exhaust your audience with this. Provide a variety of posts and don't always post just about promotion.  

I've created a list of 20 different kinds of posts to share on Facebook to help you add variety. 


Video content is big on Facebook, as I mentioned in my first point of it being one of the biggest things to be engaged with on Facebook.  Occasionally, you may even want to consider making videos just for Facebook. While our goal is usually to get someone to click OFF Facebook to our blogs, our posts, our shops, our links...studies show that most people who are on Facebook don't tend to click off that often. By embedding or uploading straight to Facebook you make it easy for someone to watch and share that video. 

I wrote a post about getting started on YouTube, if you're interested. While it's written specifically about the YouTube platform, a lot of it applies to making videos in general and would be very helpful in crafting videos for your Facebook.

Develop a Series

Consider adding a series to your Facebook.  Think about what you want your audience to come to you for, and develop a series around that that people can expect. We're all creatures of habit and over time your followers will become accustomed to these series. They'll expect them and become more engaged and interactive with them. 

If you want to position yourself as a business coach, you could implement "Tip Tuesday." On Tuesday you can share your best business tips or even share tips from other business owners. If you're building a community page, you could have "share-it Friday" where members share blogs or social media posts. Consider WHAT you want your followers to get out of your page and WHAT you want to be known for, and craft a series around that. 

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