I want you to ask yourself these three questions if you're a business, blogger, or anyone looking to grow your brand.

1. Do you want to boost your traffic?

2. Would you like to turn your audience into dedicated customers and fans?

3. Would you like to position yourself as an expert in your niche to increase your reach?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you'll love the information I'm about to give you.

Today's post is all about why you need video content for your blog, business, or brand.  I'm going to share the top five reasons you should consider creating original video content to grow your audience and convert customers.

Top 5 Reasons You Need to be Creating Video Content for Your Business

6 Reasons You Need to Create Video Content

Reason #1: Original Video Content is on the Rise

Video content is taking off and is not slowing down anytime soon in the near future. 

Marketers believe that original digital video content will be as important as original TV programming by 2019. -via ClickZ

It's amazing to think, but original video content that businesses create, bloggers upload, and everyday people film on their day's off in their extra bedroom, is slowly becoming just as popular if not MORE popular than TV programming. People who create these videos sometimes even reach higher celebrity status than traditional "celebrities." 

It’s estimated that mobile video will account for 75% of total mobile data traffic by 2020. - via Cisco

Yea, just let that sink in for a second. Three-fourths of ALL THE INTERNET CONSUMED on mobile devices is going to be video.  I'm sorry but, are you interested in missing out on 75% of all the internet usage, because I sure am not.

If you're not using video then you're missing out on an opportunity to reach SO many people in your target audience. Right now is the time to get on this bandwagon and make it work for you and your brand.

Reason #2: Search

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world?  Not to mention it's in a pretty committed relationship to the #1 search engine, Google.  There are people out there that are searching for the content you create.  

Searches for how-to videos on YouTube increased 70% in 2015. -via Search Engine Land

More and more people are turning to their phones and computers to get answers for a question they have and they love watching the answer.  And it's not surprising, our brains can process visuals 60,000 times faster than the written word (that's like, real fast). It's easier and quicker for many people to learn by watching video content.

Think about what problems your audience or target audience has. You can use video to create content that answers these questions for your current audience. Or, maybe you're trying to bring in a new group of people.  Think about a target audience you haven't tapped into yet, and create videos that they would be searching for.

You can also think beyond your niche with this to gain a new audience. For example, I create a lot of  beauty related stuff on my personal youtube - But First, Coffee.  My audience tends to come to me for this beauty-related videos. But, I know this audience also likes to watch YouTube lifestyle type videos such as challenges or Q&As, or they like to see DIYs.  So, I mix those in as well allowing me to also show up for those searches.  This allows me to extend my reach further to grab a new audience that will likely enjoy my content.

This brings me to my next reason...  

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Reason #3: Increase Your Reach

In the US, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than ANY broadcast or cable TV network, and YouTube does that on mobile alone. -via YouTube Statistics

Video allows you to reach a set of people who perhaps don't read blogs, aren't finding you on social media, don't know about your product, and have different internet habits.

Another suggestion I'll make here is to consider popping out of YouTube with your videos and try a native facebook video. Video is currently the top performing content for Facebook and they've made leaps and bounds with their native video.

On Facebook, video not about search but about emotional response.  It's about ENGAGING your audience.  The extra bonus about native videos on Facebook is you can then remarket to the people who have watched your videos with Facebook advertising.  This is awesome because they've already seen you're face, your brand, and they know you.

Reason #4: Display Authority

Creating video on as subject immediately makes you and expert. It allows you to flex your muscles on a certain topic. Not to mention, if you're creating written content and video content on the same topic... You'll start showing up everywhere for your niche. 

Here's an example from my personal YouTube channel. I started doing hacks about a year-and-half ago. My audience likes hacks and so I made a handful of them.  Now, if someone is searching for hacks on YouTube you can usually find me. Search "fashion hacks" and I'm in the top 1 or 2 spots.  Check out "best hair hacks" and you usually see me as the first result. Looking for "beauty DIY hacks?" Yep, you see me there too.  

Why you need to create video | Show up at the top of the searches

Reason #5: Gain a Personal Connection

Showing yourself and your personality allows people to get to know you.  They'll start to relate to you and get to know you as a person. When a viewer can see you they can start to know you, and when they know you then they trust you.

When someone knows you, they like you, they trust you. 

When I started creating videos I almost immediately saw in increase in engagement and interactions across all my social medias.  People liked that they could see the more "real" me and they connected with things about me.  It easily allowed people to see the more human side of me and in turn helped them to become more engaged and dedicated fans. 

Reason #6: Videos Convert

People trust a product or someone selling a product more when they can see the face behind it.  Videos, statistically, increase sales across the board. 

65-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. -via ragan.com

And, like the point we just made previously in reason 5, video allows your audience to see you, get to know you, and in turn, trust you.

In 2017 and beyond people are becoming way more likely to buy from someone they already have a connection to.  Typical consumers no long trust traditional TV or print advertising the way they used it. Consumers are turning to word-of-mouth recommendations from people they trust or looking to purchase from a brand they already know and trust. They know your style, your personality, and are comfortable with you.

And, at the end of the day, if you're not using video marketing...your competitors are.

Top 5 Reasons You Need to be Creating Video Content for Your Business

I hope you found this post useful and it's inspired you to consider creating video content.

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