SEO For Bloggers

You have probably heard about SEO.  You probably know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization and has to do with adding keywords to your website. But, do you truly understand how to use it in a way to grow sustainable, organic traffic to your blog?

Automate and Delegate Blogging Tasks to Save Time

With only 24 hours in a day, there's no way you can work a full-time job, run your house, take care of your family, write content for your blog, take and edit photos, and promote your content on every single social media platform. Or is there?

Why You Should Consider Localizing Your Blog

Why would you want to position your blog as a local blog?  The benefits can include increasing your audience, getting fun and unique sponsored posts, connecting with other creators in your area and more. You can drastically decrease your competion and stand out!

Investments For Your Blog That are Worth the Money

Yyou work hard for your money and throwing it away on pointless tools or products is irritating and upsetting. So, today I'm sharing 5 investments that are 100% worth the money. And, don't just take it for me - I chatting with a few other of my successful blog friends to get their perspective as well.

5 Secrets to Working with Brands

Today I'm super pumped to have Erica, creator of the course BossPitch, here today for an interview. I hopped on a call with Erica recently and she dished all about how to work with brands as a blogger so that you are in control. Make more money, work with who YOU want to, and get on the fast track to being a full time, monetized blog.